Devil's Mirage Performance Still,installation foam, canvas, oil paint, 2018, 12'x12'x12' 

performer with Devil's Mirage sculpture, installation foam and oil paint, 2018, 4'x3'x3', 3'x3'x4'  

Devil's Mirage sculpture, installation foam and oil paint, 2016-2018, 4'x3'x3', 3'x3'x4'  

Window Screen Clothing, window screen and fabric, 2018, 3'x3'x4'

Window Screen Clothing - side view, window screen and fabric, 2018, 3'x3'x4'

Devil's Mirage

The Devil’s Mirage is a whimsical performance of dancers, sculptural installation, and painting, creating illusions in space and form. Painted in cerulean blue, the color meaning “heavenly”, paired with stripes, a symbol for the deviant or evil, the space becomes a devil dressed as an angel of light confusing its viewers as to what is real. Contour lines painted on the performers, fully three-dimensional objects, and flat paintings confound our understanding of the depth of the space and the nature of the forms themselves.  As the dancers move slowly throughout the space, they blur the lines between reality and fantasy, animate and inanimate form.

Live Performance: May 5, 2018 5:30pm-6pm

Performers left to right: Iman Clark, Audrey Galat, Kat Johnson

Window Screen Clothing

What is seen on the outside of the body can often be perceived as sexual to the point of certain parts being completely objectified and separated from the rest of the body. In actuality these sexualized parts, such as the breasts, are connected to the body as a whole. Window Screen Clothing has both a sexualized outer structure and unsexualized inner parts of the body seen through a gender neutral piece of clothing crafted out of window screen. The window screen invites the viewer to look beyond the outside of the body through a casual piece of clothing and to view the breast as a section of the entire human body.